Solar based lighting solutions are designed for rural areas as an electricity backup. They work on batteries and are a complete replacement for traditional methods of kerosene and candles. Home Lighting Systems do not need fuel and are absolutely silent and require little maintenance. A complete system including modules and batteries are available. They are available in various varieties like Solar Portable Lights, Solar Lighting Systems, Solar Power Packs and Solar Portable Lanterns
We manufacture highly effective solar home lighting systems which are electricity generating kits extensively used to supply power to run lights, small TV sets, fans and radios. Our technically advanced solar home light systems comprises of various efficient equipments such as solar modules, deep cycle batteries, compact fluorescent lamps and wires along with necessary hardware’s that are ensured to be of high quality. This system provides power extracted from solar energy in remote areas of the country such as communication outposts, forest reserves, camp sites, rural communities and many more, where widespread means of AC power is not available. This home light system is available in five integrated standard models which are specified by the Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources, government of India.