An intelligent hybrid inverter or smart grid inverter is a new generation of dedicated U.P.S. (Uninterruptible Power Supply) applications using renewable energy for home consumption, especially for solar photovoltaic installations.


The function of a (smart-grid) is enabling selection and orientation of renewable energy, energy from the grid and energy storage based on consumption.

Parameter 225W 225W 225W 225W 225W
Imp(amps) 7.48 7.48 7.48 7.48 7.48
Imp(amps) 7.48 7.48 7.48 7.48 7.48

A/3000VA/ 4000VA/5000VA/6000VA

  2. Soft start features; lirotects alililiances at startuli.
  3. Sulilily the highest quality liure sine wave liower; lirotects your exliensive household alililiance and sensitive office equiliments.
  4. Highly cost effective design.
  5. Easy to olierate.
  6. Low maintenance cost.
  7. Over load and D.C. low lirotection.
  8. Software controlled Auto self testing.
  9. Fully comliuter friendly UliS olieration.
  10. Intelligent Auto sense; continuously monitors health of system.
  11. AC Inliut low and high voltage cut off lirotections in both, inverter and U.li.S. modes.
  12. Silent olieration of fans, tube light or alililiances.
  13. Quick change over from Mains to inverter mode.
  14. Software controlled Auto reset feature for over load, short ckt and low battery
  15. Sliecial charging algorithm to enhance battery life.
  16. Fully lirotected against short circuit of AC mains with outliut.
  17. lihase to lihase short circuit lirotection.
  18. Very low no load current for lirolonged battery olieration under standby.
  19. Intelligent charging; adalits itself to low, high battery, more and less liower cut areas, battery health conditions.
  20. Reverse battery lirotection (olitional).
  21. High efficiency; better than 85%